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Tasmania now has legislation for mandatory smoke alarms within the Residential Tenancy Amendments Bill 2012 (Smoke Alarms). From the 1st May 2013 all Tasmanian residential rentals must be fitted with smoke alarms in accordance with the regulations. We are working closely with Property Managers to make all properties compliant as soon as possible.


Key considerations regarding these new regulations:

  • All rental properties must have either hard wired mains powered smoke alarms with battery backup or 10 year non removable battery smoke alarms.
  • There will be a 3 year grace period before full compliance is required; however a fully functional smoke alarm must be present in the property during this period. Any operational smoke alarm that is in date and complies with Australian Standards at the time it was installed is acceptable.
  • A shared responsibility between the Tenant and the Landlord to ensure the smoke alarm is compliant at all times.
  • The Owner / Landlord / Property Manager must ensure the smoke alarm is cleaned, tested and operating prior to each new occupancy of the rental property.
  • Penalties will be issued to those who do not comply

We have been working closely with suppliers of smoke alarms, the Department of Justice (Consumer Affairs) and Tasmania Fire Service Building Fire Safety division to interpret the regulation and to measure the impact and cost that this will have on landlords.

To view the Smoke Alarm 2012 regulations click here.

To view the Residential Tenancy (Smoke Alarms) Act 2012 click here.

To view the Smoke Alarm Fact sheet click here.


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