Frequently Asked Questions

How many smoke alarms does a residential property need?

Every residential rental property must have smoke alarms installed. How many smoke alarms will depend on the floor plan of each property, the property construction type and how many levels the property has.

Our technicians are trained to determine the most effective and compliant alarm installation system for each property.

Does the service apply to 240 volt, hard-wired smoke alarms?

Yes. 240 volt smoke alarms contain 9 volt back-up batteries that must be replaced, and they must be cleaned and tested in the same manner as other smoke alarms. 240 volt smoke alarms also have expiry dates of 10 years, after which time they must be replaced.

Why do you only install photoelectric smoke alarms?

Because they are the best. We only install European designed photoelectric alarms such as Brooks because they offer the greatest and earliest detection for fires with minimal false alarms.

Cheap ionisation alarms can be purchased for as little as $10 from your local hardware store however they offer poor detection for fires in the early stages of development.

Why do smoke alarms need maintenance and replacement?

Smoke alarms have expiry dates indicating when they need to be replaced (maximum life span of 10 years but earlier in some instances).

Periodic maintenance is needed to ensure correct operation for the purpose of smoke detection and to ensure the alarms operate as intended by the manufacturer. Dust, small bugs etc. can render smoke alarms much less effective in detecting smoke.

How is private information handled?

Any information provided by an agent is held in the strictest confidence and under no circumstances is given to external parties.

Do you issue notices of entry?

Yes. We believe this is the most effective means of ensuring your properties are maintained and serviced in the most time efficient manner. We liaise directly with the tenant to achieve an amicable time to conduct our work which alleviates Property Managers and Landlords from this task.

Why do you prefer to install 10 year sealed lithium smoke alarms?

Simple, they are the most cost effective and efficient form of protection. They have a non removable battery and are virtually tamper proof. All alarms have a 10 year life span. Mains powered 240 volt alarms require the landlord to replace the backup battery every 12 months. If you are installing 240 volt alarms for the first time in an older property you may need to upgrade the electrical wiring. 9 volt removable battery alarms are no longer permitted as the primary alarm of the smoke detection system in a rental property since the 1st of May 2016.

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