Smoke Alarm


We are the specialists in Smoke Alarm installation for Hobart and Southern Tasmania.

Employ your local expert smoke alarm technician, serving landlords and property managers since 2013.


Hobart Smoke Alarms is a vibrant Tasmanian business that has been installing smoke alarms into residential rental properties since 2013. Its owners/operators have a wealth of knowledge in the fire industry and specialise in residential smoke alarm systems.

As a fire consultancy business, Hobart Smoke Alarms was formed in a hope that they can share some of their 40 plus years of combined professional fire industry knowledge and licensed electrician background whilst ensuring the highest level of fire protection is maintained within all rental properties.



*Hobart Smoke Alarms makes best efforts to maintain a current and accurate site, however in the event of any discrepancies will not be held liable or responsible to representations herein. Prices may differ for private property owners please make contact via our info@hobartsmokealarms e-mail where we can confirm a quoted price for you.

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